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10 Benefits of a Combi Boiler

combi boiler

You will find several options when you’re in the market to replace your old boiler with a new modern boiler. It can feel overwhelming when looking at all the choices to find the one that suits your household best.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all when looking at boilers, the energy-efficient combi boiler is an excellent choice for many households who value energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With the price of heating increasing and the need to address carbon emissions, choosing the best boiler for you in the long haul is essential.

This article will discuss the key benefits of purchasing and using a modern, energy-efficient combi boiler.

Combi Boiler Facts

If you are looking for a new boiler and have heard of combi boilers, you may wonder what it is and how it works. A combi boiler is designed to heat your home and supply on-demand hot water within the same compact unit. A combi boiler uses two heat exchangers; the primary heat exchanger is for central heating, and the secondary is a plate heat exchanger for hot water.

The Primary Heat Exchanger of a Combi Boiler

The first heat exchanger is responsible for the heating of your home. It heats and recycles the water going through the pipes and into the radiators, and then it recycles it back into your boiler, which keeps firing to keep the water around 60°C. The water used by the combi boiler to heat your home becomes filthy and is not used for drinking water.

The Secondary Plate Heat Exchanger of a Combi Boiler

The combi boiler’s secondary plate heat exchanger is responsible for your hot water, which is supplied on demand and is heated every time you turn on your tap. Your combi boiler will pause your central heating system and heat the radiators to ensure you have clean drinking water and hot water.

It will then open a diverter valve which allows the recycled heating water to move into the secondary plate exchanger. This heats the sealed pipes that carry the clean drinking water to your shower and water taps for hot water on demand.

The Benefits of a Combi Boiler

There are many exciting benefits to replacing your old boiler with a modern combi boiler that you will love! If you need a new boiler and can’t afford one, you may qualify for a free boiler under the new Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO4). 

#1. Combi Boilers are Compact

There is a noticeable difference between the size of a regular boiler and a combi boiler. Because a combi boiler combines the production of hot water and central heating into one unit, it is incredibly compact.

Combi boilers integrate your home’s central heating and water heating needs and easily fit into a typical kitchen cupboard. This means you don’t need a separate space for the cylinder or storage tank, saving you space and eliminating an eye sore most people would rather not see.

#2. Combi Boilers are Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a top priority for many consumers. Combi boilers are incredibly efficient in converting energy to heat your home.

Another factor to consider that influences the efficiency level of a boiler is how new your central heating system is, including the design progression and engineering. If your central heating system is failing or outdated, it can dramatically affect your monthly energy bills. Most combi boilers from reputable boiler brands carry an A rating (ErP) for energy efficiency.

#3. Combi Boilers Optimise Water Pressure

Older boilers and traditional heating systems usually rely on gravity to collect water; however, when you install a combi boiler, it is connected directly to the mains for its water supply. Because of this, it maintains much of the main’s normal water pressure and the combi’s pressure flow is significantly more robust, reducing the chances of water pooling or becoming stuck in the curve of a pipe thanks to the enhanced water flow.

#4. Combi Boilers Generate Hot Water on Demand

A benefit that almost everyone loves about the combi boiler is that it produces instantaneous hot water. If you have a home with several bathrooms and an older heating system, you most likely have a slower water heating rate and increased energy waste. Therefore, a combi boiler works much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

#5. Combi Boilers Generate Higher Quality Drinking Water

When you have a new combi boiler installed in your home, the water you drink will never be stored in a tank for any period. When you avoid storing your drinking water in a holding tank, it reduces the possibility of rust or debris and possible sludge building up and contaminating your drinking water supply, and it tastes great.

#6. Combi Boilers are Easy to Install

Another cost-effective benefit of combi boilers is that they are easy to install, making installation costs affordable. The set-up process is more accessible than a traditional heating system making it quick and easy for a gas-safe engineer to set up your combi boiler.

#7. Combi Boilers Offer Convenience

Unlike an old heating system, you will no longer have to worry about programming your water to be heated in advance and or routine changes to avoid wasting energy and losing heat. The beauty of a combi boiler is that your water is heated on demand, and you no longer have to wait on your boiler to take a hot shower on a cold winter’s day.

#8. Combi Boilers Use Modern Technology

Many of the modern combi boilers models are designed for consumer convenience. You can sync and control it remotely using technology such as apps from your tablet or smartphone and smart thermostats.

Wherever you are, you can monitor and control the temperature in your home. Certain apps can also detect component faults and automatically notify you or an engineer when it needs to be serviced.

#9. Combi Boilers are Easier to Repair

Installing a new combi boiler will give you great peace of mind knowing that if something needs to be repaired, they are relatively easy to fix because all components are integrated entirely within the system. In addition, plenty of parts are available when needed because of the popularity and superiority of the combi boiler.

#10. Combi Boilers Save Money

As energy prices rise in the UK, finding ways to save money is essential. Combi boilers are incredibly efficient and an excellent way to lower costs and help the environment simultaneously. 

Simply ECO Ltd is Here to Help You Install Your New Combi Boiler Today

Simply ECO Ltd. is a Green Deal Approved Installer, are Gas Safe registers and PA2030 Accredited to install boiler replacements, underfloor insulation and loft insulation. We are the largest installer of boilers in Birmingham and the surrounding areas and have installed over 6000 boilers since 2014.

If you qualify for the Boiler Replacement Grant/EC04 scheme, it is a fantastic opportunity to replace your old boiler with a new efficient boiler. We work with families like yours in fuel poverty to access essential government grants to make your home more energy efficient and prevent carpet reduction measures. Contact us today if you’re considering installing a combi boiler; we would love to help!

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