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Here’s How Your Old Boiler Is Costing You Money

Old Boiler

We don’t tend to think about how old our household boilers are, considering they don’t usually need to be replaced for approximately 15 years. However, over a period of time, a boiler can become less efficient, causing you to lose not only heat in your home but money out of your pocket. 

If you have an old boiler over 15 years old, it may be time to consider getting a new one. You may even qualify for a boiler replacement under the ECO4 grant that helps households keep heating bills low and more energy-efficient.

Here is how an old boiler can cost you money and why you should consider investing in a new A-rated boiler for your home.

Less Efficient

A boiler’s efficiency is the percentage of the total energy it uses when it provides heat. Unfortunately, boilers become less efficient as they get older, and with your boiler fueling roughly 60% of your central heating, you can be wasting a lot of money by overpaying for energy.

Modern boilers have the main advantage of being ‘condensing’, which recovers more heat from the flue gas and uses it to heat the central heating water. A modern boiler with 95% efficiency uses that 95% of its energy to heat your entire home, with 5% heat loss. Older models use roughly 60% of energy, which means you lose 40% of that heat.

You can find your boiler’s efficiency rating in the manual that comes with your boiler or on the sticker or plate located on the boiler itself. If your boiler is at 60% efficiency, upgrading to a newer model with a 90% efficiency rating or higher can save you a considerable amount of money, as the more energy-efficient boiler will lose less heat.

More Frequent Repairs

Just as automobiles require more repairs when they get old, so do boilers. Replacing an old boiler ensures fewer maintenance calls that can cost money and serve as an inconvenience.

New boilers will still require maintenance but will be less costly than the repairs of an old boiler. Buying a new energy-efficient boiler offers sustainability and reliability, and can be installed with better insulation than your current boiler. 

Benefits Of A New Boiler

Some of the benefits of a new boiler are:

  • Making your home more energy efficient
  • Reducing your fuel bills
  • Cutting down your household carbon footprint

A brand new boiler may potentially be an expensive investment in the beginning, but long-term savings can make it worth it. The money you would save each year, you would make up for the initial price of a new boiler and help you continue saving in the future. By replacing your old boiler, you avoid random breakdowns and being caught off guard financially. 

Boiler Replacement Grants

The ECO4 Scheme began in April 2022 as a part of the UK Government’s plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025. Fossil fuel heating systems are likely to be phased out over time and begin with a ban on gas and oil boilers in new homes from 2025. More and more existing homes will start switching to low-carbon heating systems.

ECO4 Scheme eligibility is dependent on the EPC rating of the property. An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required by the Government whenever a new property is built, sold, or rented. You’ll have recommendations for reducing energy use and how to save money, and if you are with a larger energy company, you may be able to get this boiler replacement completely free of charge or at least heavily subsidised.

Boiler Replacement Experts In Birmingham

Whether you choose to get a new boiler to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, or both, you can always call a professional for boiler replacements to assess what type of boiler can work better for your household. They will also be able to tell you if your property is eligible for a boiler replacement grant. If you cannot afford the entire cost of a replacement boiler, you may be able to spread out the cost over time with credit or a rental scheme based on your current finances. 

Simply ECO Ltd is a Green Deal Approved installer and assists consumers in fuel poverty to access government grants and implement energy efficiency improvements in homes. Offering boiler replacements, under-floor insulation and loft insulation installations, we provide excellent customer service, professional workmanship, and guarantee all materials.

Get in touch today to learn more about eco boilers, insulation, and other types of services we have available.

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