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How to Improve Your EPC Rating: A 2024 Guide

epc rating

In the current climate, being environmentally friendly is essential. So, knowing how to improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating isn’t just about following the rules. It’s about helping the environment. But you may wonder what measures you can take to improve your home’s EPC rating.

This article will delve into what an EPC rating is and explain why higher ratings are important. We will also provide tips on how to improve your EPC rating to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills.

What is an EPC Rating?

An EPC rating measures how energy-efficient your home is and is essential when buying, selling, and renting in the UK. These ratings range from A (the most efficient) to G (least efficient) and are valid for ten years.

EPC ratings are used mainly by potential buyers or renters to quickly determine how much their energy bills will cost in their new house or flat. An EPC certificate will show the following:

  • The amount of energy a home uses
  • The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) a home emits
  • Energy-saving features in the home
  • How you could improve the rating
  • How much money could be saved by making home improvements

Beginning in 2018, the recommended EPC rating for a property must be a rating of E or above. The Climate Change Committee recommends that by 2028, all privately rented homes should be rated C. As of 2023, on average, a home in England and Wales is band D.

Reasons to Improve Your Home’s EPC Rating

Here are a few benefits of improving your home’s EPC rating.

  • Save Money on Energy Bills — A higher EPC rating means your energy bills will likely be lower. With less energy being wasted, the energy you use is stretched further. For instance, energy-efficient properties that retain heat better spend less on keeping their home warm.
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint — Using less energy in your home could reduce its impact on the environment. In England and Wales, the CO2 emissions of existing homes were more than twice as high as those of newer, more energy-efficient homes.
  • Prospective Buyers Look for Higher EPC Ratings — Considering higher EPC ratings mean lower energy bills, your home can be a lot more attractive to prospective buyers when trying to sell your home. It can be more difficult for buyers to obtain a mortgage on a property that has a low EPC rating, making it a much harder sell.
  • Helps Landlords Meet EPC Regulations As a landlord, you are responsible for providing a safe, comfortable home for your tenants. By lowering the property’s energy bills and improving the property, you’re likely to attract and have lasting tenants while meeting all the updated energy efficiency standards.

How to Improve Your EPC Rating

New EPC regulations have been introduced for 2025, stating that properties newly being rented need to have an EPC rating of C or above. Knowing the benefits of a high EPC rating and with these new regulations for 2025, we’ve gathered some ways to improve your EPC rating.

Proper Insulation

  • Wall Insulation Installing wall insulation is an easy way to improve your home’s EPC rating. Cavity wall insulation is the most popular, effective, and relatively cheap. Much like loft insulation, the ECO scheme allows homeowners to take advantage of free wall insulation installation.
  • Floor Insulation — Whether you have a house, bungalow, or ground-floor apartment, underfloor insulation is an effective strategy for reducing heating costs and upping your EPC rating. When you add extra insulation, you can easily save money and keep your space more comfortable and warm by minimising drafts and cold air coming through the floorboards.
  • Loft Insulation Properties that lack loft insulation lose a significant amount of heat through the roof on its own. With this in mind, if you want to improve your home’s EPC rating, installing loft insulation is an easy choice to make. Two of the more common fabrics used for loft insulation are renewable wood fibre or fibreglass, and either of these insulators should be 270mm thick or more in order to ensure heat is properly retained. By using the Great British Insulation Scheme (formerly known as ECO+) or ECO4 Scheme, some properties might even be eligible for free loft insulation.

LED Bulbs

You can make a big difference in your home’s EPC rating by upgrading your previously used incandescent light bulbs to newer, energy-efficient LED light bulbs. In comparison to traditional bulbs, LED lights use less electricity and last much longer, eliminating the need to replace them as frequently. Switching to LED lights is an easy and cheap fix that can help save money over time with their substantial energy savings.

Double Glazing Windows

Another way you can save money on your energy bill and improve your property’s EPC rating is by double-glazing your windows to help keep in your home’s heat. Double-glazed windows create a barrier between the outside elements and the inside of your home, keeping your home warm and comfortable during the colder months, and nice and cool in the heat. Another perk of having your windows double or triple-glazed is the soundproofing it provides, giving you a more comfortable and peaceful night’s rest.

Create a Properly Ventilated and Draught-Proof Home

By keeping your home properly insulated, you can prevent heat loss and reduce your energy bill. However, as important as it is to keep your home insulated to keep the warmth inside, it’s equally as important to have good ventilation to avoid moisture that can build up and cause condensation and mould. Draught-proofing your home is an important measure to keep heat trapped within. A quick and easy fix to keep your home warm and draught-proof is to install draught strips on your window and door frames.

Smart Heating Controls

One of the best ways to manage how much energy is used in your home and the amount of money spent is by installing a smart meter. A smart meter is a device that will measure the amount of energy your home uses, helping you to keep track of the electricity and gas used. This will not only help you reach a higher EPC rating but also pinpoints ways for you to keep more money in your pocket and create a more sustainable, eco-friendly home.

Upgrade Your Inefficient Boiler

An efficient heating system is at the very core of a great EPC rating. Inefficient boilers can significantly have a negative effect on your property’s EPC rating and cost you in wasted energy. When you replace your inefficient boiler with a higher-efficiency A-rated model or above, you can significantly reduce the energy you use and improve your property’s efficiency overall.

Thankfully, you shouldn’t have to worry about repairs for a span of years, as newer boilers tend to come with extended warranties. Upgrading an old boiler pays for itself with the energy savings and better EPC rating. With the right qualifications, you also can take advantage of the ECO4 scheme to help with the cost of a new boiler and its installation.

Improve Your EPC Rating With a Free Boiler Replacement With Simply ECO Ltd.

Installing a new boiler is certainly an investment in creating an eco-friendly home. And with the help of ECO4, you can qualify for a fully funded boiler replacement. Many homes in the UK can qualify under the new scheme, regardless of whether they are homeowners, landlords, tenants, or social housing occupants. 

Partnering with a reputable and experienced specialist is crucial when considering a boiler replacement. Simply ECO Ltd. offers boiler replacements, under-floor insulation and loft insulation installations.

We provide excellent customer service, professional workmanship, and guarantee all materials. Since 2014, we have helped people in fuel poverty gain access to energy-efficient measures using funding, grants, and community initiatives to reduce energy demand and bills. We are a Green Deal Approved Installer, here to help you replace your boiler and other domestic energy improvements in your home.

Contact us today to embrace an eco-friendly home and explore your eligibility for a free boiler replacement under the ECO4 scheme.

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