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How to Reduce Your Heating Bills

heating bills

The average temperature in the UK during winter is between 2-7ºC, and it can drop to below 0ºC at times too. And as the weather gets cooler, you’ll likely be turning up your heat more often and unfortunately, your heating bill goes up as the temperature outside goes down. 

Because heating your home can be quite expensive, finding ways to reduce your bill and generate more warmth for yourself on those cold days and nights will help keep you financially and physically comfortable during the harshest weather. Below you will find ways to lower your energy bill and information on the boiler replacement grant you may qualify for.

Turn Off Standby Mode

Turning your appliances off standby mode could save upwards of £55 (£45 in NI) a year. You can turn off most electrical appliances without issue as long as you use a smart plug, which will allow you to turn off everything on standby all at once. Before doing this, it’s imperative to check the instructions to ensure it is safe to do so first. 

Turn Off Lights

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we get used to having our lights on in every room when it gets dark. But this habit can be costly in the long run.

You can save around £20 (£19 in NI) a year on your annual energy bills if you turn the lights off that you are not using. And if you want to save even more, try switching all your lights to energy-saving LED bulbs.

Be Mindful in the Kitchen

In most Brits’ humble opinion, the most useful and used appliance is the kettle. Try not to overfill the kettle and save yourself up to £11 (£12 in NI) a year on your electricity bill. Adding an aerator onto your existing kitchen tap to reduce the amount of water coming out could save you £25 (£30 in NI) a year. 

Another way you can reduce your bill when it comes to the kitchen is only to run your dishwasher when it is full. This will reduce water usage and electricity, saving you around £14 (£15 in NI) a year.

Turn Down the Thermostat

While it may be tempting to turn your thermostat up to maximum warmth when you get inside on a cold day, it can really rack up your energy bill. Keeping your thermostat at around 18-20ºC is recommended, and it is estimated that turning your thermostat down by just one degree could help you save up to £75 a year.

Keep Out Draughts 

It is very important to ensure your rooms are free of draughts when it gets colder. Draughts can come from doors, windows, chimneys and even your floorboards. Where cold air can creep in, your warm air can go out.

Insulating your windows and putting draught stoppers (or even just towels) under doors at night can help keep warm air in the room. There are also draught-proofing strips and fillers to help close any gaps in areas that have cold air seeping in. This is a fantastic way to save money during the harsh winter months. 

Clean Your Radiator

A dirty radiator can affect your energy efficiency. Regular cleanings (vacuuming in and out and then using a radiator brush) can ensure you get the most out of your radiator. Make sure to clean the outside with warm soapy water to keep mould at bay as well. 

What is the Boiler Replacement Grant? 

Under the Boiler Replacement scheme, eligible homeowners and private tenants can get their old inefficient boiler replaced for free if they qualify. The scheme was set up to help low-income families improve the efficiency of their homes by installing more efficient boilers and upgrading or insulating their homes.

When you qualify for a boiler replacement grant, you could be eligible to receive around 60-70% of the boiler replacement cost covered by the government. Some qualified companies can help you and are just a phone call away.

Have Questions About a New Boiler? We Can Help!

As you can see, even the most minor changes can help keep your home comfortable in the winter while saving you money. If your boiler requires an upgrade and you think you may be eligible for a boiler replacement grant, call Simply Eco Ltd.

Simply Eco Ltd was established to assist people in fuel poverty to gain access to Carbon Saving and Energy Efficiency Measures. We strive to provide the best customer service in our field, and our excellent customer service record, customer reviews and testimonials reinforce that. Our key services include boiler replacements, under-floor insulation and loft insulation installs. 

Call us for more information or use our online form. We look forward to speaking with you about our services and are ready to begin the process for your boiler replacement and central heating grant.

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