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Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Boiler?


Boilers are a severely underrated and under-appreciated household, business, and retail space appliance. Used everywhere, from the home to businesses and schools, boilers require regular maintenance and monitoring if you plan to continue heating your home/building and water.

Reliance on boilers is often overlooked. However, a boiler issue can cause stress and discomfort, potentially leaving you without heat and hot water. If your boiler breaks down, are you prepared to make the decision to repair or replace it?

When a boiler malfunctions or has issues as it ages, weighing the decision to repair or replace it can be tricky. Over time, certain parts may be discontinued for older boilers, or the boiler itself may be too old to repair without high costs.

Repairing a boiler could be seen as cost-savvy in some cases, but upgrading to a new boiler replacement could save you money by lowering your utility bills and helping you to avoid further repairs on an outdated model.

So, how do you decide whether to repair or replace your boiler if it malfunctions?

Questions to Ask About Your Boiler

There are several pros and cons to considering a boiler repair or replacement. By doing the proper research and asking the right questions, you can calculate what the best option would be for your situation.

Is Your Boiler Under Warranty?

If your boiler malfunctions or you think there might be a problem, start off by calling the manufacturer. Warranties usually last around ten years for the boiler and parts, so you may be able to get replacement parts installed if that warranty is still valid.

If the warranty is no longer valid, you may end up spending more on repairs than you would a new boiler.

Are Spare Parts Available for Your Boiler Model?

In speaking with the manufacturer or a boiler repair company, you will also learn if the parts for that specific boiler model are available. As boilers age and newer models are released, manufacturers may discontinue spare parts and accessories, especially if they are ten years old or more.

What Is the Cost Difference Between a Repair and a Replacement?

Some boiler repairs might not be worth repairing. When you add up the number of repairs and the cost of each one over time, how does it compare to the cost of a new, more efficient boiler?

Just because you have a broken or malfunctioning part replaced doesn’t mean that another won’t go out. And even the parts that are replaced aren’t guaranteed. You should also consider the labour costs associated with manufacturer and maintenance crew repairs.

Will a New Boiler Solve Your Heating Problems?

Sure, a new boiler might seem costly, but getting fitted for a new boiler may benefit you in the long run.

Most companies provide up to 10 years of parts and labour for a new boiler, and most new boilers are condensing boilers to provide lower running costs and higher efficiency across the board. Having a new boiler fitted should be viewed as a long-term investment in that it saves you thousands in maintenance and repairs over the years.

If you do choose to have your home fitted for a new boiler, make sure the installer is certified and approved to install the specific boiler and is knowledgeable about boilers in general. This ensures correct installation and a higher chance of a problem-free future for your boiler.

Does Your Current Boiler Run Efficiently?

While your boiler may need a repair or replacement, consider how it runs when everything is intact. Does it run efficiently?

Newer boilers use less fuel than older models, burning less fuel over time and converting the fuel that is burned directly into energy to heat your home and your water. This keeps energy bills to a minimum. So when comparing the cost of potentially multiple repairs to the cost of a new boiler that will require less money over time, weigh out the financial pros and cons of a repair versus a replacement.

Choose Simply ECO Ltd. for Your Boiler Replacement and Maintenance Needs

If you are looking to reduce your heating bills with an efficient boiler or are seeking tips on how to extend the life of your current boiler, look no further than Simply ECO Ltd.

Simply ECO Ltd. was established to assist people in fuel poverty to gain access to Carbon Saving and Energy Efficiency Measures. Being a Green Deal Approved Installer means through our panel of approved funders, we can assist consumers in fuel poverty to access government grants to carry out home energy efficiency improvements and carbon reduction measures.

With over 6000+ boilers installed since 2014, we are the largest installer of boilers in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Contact us to get started on reducing your heating bills today.

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