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Learn Why Modern Boilers Are Better for the Environment

modern boilers

Modern boilers are significantly better than older models simply because manufacturers have made essential improvements that benefit both the consumer and the environment. Consumers are becoming even more aware of the necessity of making choices for the better of the environment, including how we heat our homes.

Many UK residents likely have an older boiler. While buying a new modern boiler may seem expensive, they vary in cost, and many households in lower income brackets may qualify for the eco boiler grant.

If you are considering replacing your old boiler, it’s essential to know the benefits for you and the environmental benefits to help our planet and future generations. So let’s consider why modern boilers are much better for the environment and your wallet than an older boiler.

Reasons Modern Boilers Are Better for the Environment

The population on our planet has exploded over the last 100 years, and the need to make environmentally friendly choices whenever possible is crucial. Improving the environmental performance of modern boilers is one of the many ways we can help consumers do their part and replace old, outdated boilers.

Most people tend to wait until they have a broken boiler before considering purchasing a new one, as they are a significant investment and usually are long-lasting. However, buying a new modern boiler has substantial benefits, including being better for the environment. Many households in the U.K. may qualify for the boiler upgrade scheme to upgrade their existing heating systems.

A couple of types of modern boilers that are more environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional “non-condensing” boiler include the following:

  • Condensing Gas Boilers have an improved design that allows them to recycle hot flue gasses to improve their efficiency significantly. Modern boilers have a larger heat exchanger and have efficiency ratings over 90% instead of 60-80%.
  • Eco Biomass Boilers are extremely efficient in providing heat and hot water, use renewable organic materials like pellets or wood chips for fuel, and are considered carbon neutral. However, the downside to most eco biomass boilers is that someone needs to be present to load the necessary fuel manually.
  • Electric Boilers are available from some manufacturers and fueled by a renewable energy source like a wind generator or solar on-site or by a tariff or green energy provider.
  • Combi Boilers are one of the most popular options in the UK, offer significant advantages over other heating systems, and are incredibly efficient and cost-effective.

These boilers all operate more efficiently than older models, saving money and reducing the pollutant levels generated by heating your home and water.

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Boiler

While one of the best reasons to update your boiler is to improve efficiency and sustainability, most buyers want to know the other benefits they will receive. Every household will notice various benefits from an eco-friendly boiler, including the following:

  • Fewer carbon emissions significantly reduce the carbon footprint of each home that upgrades its old boiler to a modern boiler while making your home more energy efficient.
  • Improved safety because you will no longer need gas to run your boiler and eliminate the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Increased savings as eco-friendly boilers are significantly more efficient, using less fuel to provide central heating and hot water and saving you money by decreasing your energy bill. Many households could see as much as 20-35 % savings on their heating bills after installing a new boiler.
  • Improved reliability when you need your boiler the most and reduce the chances of your boiler going out unexpectedly.
  • Flexibility and control over your heating as some older boilers may only leave you freezing or overheating with little control over how it feels in your home. Modern boilers allow you to regulate the temperature in your house and improve your living conditions and make your home cosy.
  • More size options are available and modern boilers are smaller than older boilers which take up more space. Newer boilers are getting more efficient and smaller, making them less of an eyesore and a hindrance in your home.
  • It improves your EPC rating (Energy Performance Rating), which reduces energy bills and is an excellent incentive for future renters or home buyers when looking at a new property.

Your old boiler is costing you money and generating unnecessary carbon emissions. See if you qualify for an ECO grant today.

How to Know if a Boiler Is Better for the Environment

Like other household appliances, boilers have an Energy Related Products Directive or ERP rating, which can be located on the packaging of your boiler and typically also on a sticker on the boiler itself. The ERP rating system rates boilers on their efficiency level. It utilises a scale from A to G, with an A-rating, being a boiler that has the highest level of efficiency available and will have over 90% efficiency.

Boilers of the Future

The goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 set by the U.K. government increases pressure on developers to improve boilers to meet demand and requirements. It also enhances the consumer’s environmental awareness.

The UK government has introduced new legislation that is pushing homeowners, landlords, and property developers to create and find alternative heating solutions to gas by banning gas boilers in new development properties from 2025 and banning new gas boilers totally from 2035.

Many households will benefit from the free boiler replacement grants under ECO4 (Energy Company Obligation Scheme). ECO4 is a government-supported initiative to help families reduce their carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in UK homes.

If you are a social housing tenant or qualify for other benefits such as income support, working tax credit, housing and child benefits, and others while living in private housing, you may be able to get help from your energy supplier for a free replacement eco boiler. You can use the energy performance certificate register to find your property’s rating or request it from the housing association or landlord.

Simply Eco Ltd. Is Here to Help You Find Out if You Are Eligible for the Boiler Replacement Grant

The Boiler Replacement Grant/ECO4 Scheme is an amazing option for those who qualify for help paying for a new boiler. Replacing your old boiler with a new boiler is highly beneficial and a wise investment in the long run.

Simply Eco Ltd. is here to help you, and we assist people in fuel poverty to gain access to energy efficiency and carbon-saving measures. We are a Green Deal Approved Installer and proudly work with a panel of approved funders to help families like yours in fuel poverty to access essential government grants to make your home more energy efficient and implement carbon reduction measures.

Simply Eco Ltd. is the largest installer of boilers in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, and we have installed over 6000 boilers since 2014. Contact us today if you’re considering upgrading your boiler; we would love to help you!

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