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Save on Your Energy Bills with a New Boiler 

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Heating your home can be costly. From hot water to running consistent heat cycles in the winter months, the cost of your energy bill will continue to increase.

Boiler efficiency is crucial in keeping your energy bills low. Unfortunately, as a boiler ages, efficiency will decrease. As a result, more fuel will be burned to achieve the desired output (i.e. your heat and hot water), racking up your energy bill.

Measuring the efficiency of your boiler comes down to how the fuel is burned. How well does it use fuel to heat water or produce steam? If your boiler is burning off more fuel than it used to, it could also emit more greenhouse gasses and pollutants into the air.

So, how do you reduce emissions while also saving on your energy bills? A new, wallet-friendly boiler might be something to consider.

How Does a Boiler Work?

As a key part of the central heating system in your home, workplace, etc, a boiler produces hot water for your shower and taps as well as provides heat to your radiators. A boiler is a wall unit which burns fuel like gas, oil, or LPG (liquid petroleum gas) to heat your home and your water.

There are three different types of boilers to choose from for your home.

  1. A traditional boiler produces hot water directly for your central heating system. This boiler feeds off of cold water. However, a traditional boiler needs some of the hot water created to store for your shower and sink taps.
  2. A system boiler is similar to a traditional boiler but requires a higher pressure of cold water from the water main.
  3. A combination boiler is the most common type of boiler today, running on two exchange heaters and two water pipes. It does not require a storage cylinder for hot water.

Boiler Efficiency and Your Energy Bills

Consider how things you own work as they age. From your car to your fridge and everything in between, efficiency decreases with age.

The same goes for your boiler. As your boiler ages, it loses fuel efficiency and has to burn off more fuel to function properly, causing a jump in your energy bills. The typical life of a boiler runs around ten years, but if your boiler is more than eight years old, you may already be feeling the burn on your wallet.

Benefits of a New Boiler

Higher Efficiency

The move to a new boiler could be a huge plus when it comes to your energy bills. Most modern boilers are condensing boilers that come with a high energy-efficiency rating, with some rated as high as 95% efficiency.

Keep in mind that your old boiler may only be running at 60-70% efficiency; a new boiler would be HUGE. Running heat and hot water with an energy-efficiency boiler will eventually pay for itself with years of consistently lower energy bills.

As of October 2020, new homes must have a boiler operating at 88% efficiency or more. With a condensing boiler, efficiency ratings are usually higher, as these boilers convert burned fuel and save it by condensing waste gasses for later use. An older, non-condensing boiler would simply burn off the fuel needed to generate heat for hot water storage. 

Less Maintenance

Fewer repairs are required with a new boiler. Your old boiler may require frequent repairs or parts replacements, and often, the parts you need may not be available. As new boilers are manufactured, companies will slow or even stop production of parts for older boilers, meaning that your chances of finding the parts you need, even through a direct manufacturer, decrease.

The cost of these repairs can add up and may exceed the cost of a new boiler. With a new boiler, you’ll have fewer surprise maintenance or operational issues and less strain on your HVAC system. This equals savings in the long run. 

While your new boiler might not need regular maintenance, keep in mind that how you use your HVAC system can also weigh on your energy bills. Consider manually timing your central heating (i.e. your boiler won’t run while you aren’t home), cutting down on energy output. This will cut carbon emissions down as well. 

Choose Simply ECO Ltd. for Your Boiler Replacement and Maintenance

If you are looking to reduce your heating bills with an efficient boiler or are seeking tips on how to extend the life of your current boiler, look no further than Simply ECO Ltd.

Simply ECO Ltd. was established to assist people in fuel poverty to gain access to Carbon Saving and Energy Efficiency Measures. Being a Green Deal Approved Installer means through our panel of approved funders, we can assist consumers in fuel poverty to access government grants to carry out home energy efficiency improvements and carbon reduction measures.

With over 6000+ boilers installed since 2014, we are the largest installer of boilers in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Contact us to get started on reducing your heating bills today.

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