Very recently moved into a property and found the boiler to be very old, I didn’t feel safe to turn it on. My young child and I were freezing cold, the house was like an icebox. Imagine my concern with a bad winter pending and a very limited budget. I called Simply Eco and was able to get a new Worcester Bosch boiler installed within one week at a very competitive price! I had previously got advice from another plumber who thought that the whole system was beyond repair and would require total replacement, at a considerable expense. Gary supported by Darren arrived from Simply Eco, they were a breath of fresh air. Gary assured me that this was a straightforward job of boiler replacement and that the remaining plumbing was in good order. He built on the positives and went out of his way to find out what we needed and how best to achieve it. Very impressed with the way Gary got to grips with the system. His experience shone through. Gary was able to route pipes in a very unobtrusive manner. The boiler was installed and the whole system was up and running in one day! Not afraid of hard work Gary was there at 07:00 AM and stayed late, nothing was too much trouble and he was more than willing to go the extra mile to provide an excellent service. All this with a genuinely friendly manner. Many thanks to Gary and Darren for a job well done, from a warm and cosy house!!