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The Impact of Boiler Efficiency on Your Energy Bills: What You Need to Know 

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With energy costs soaring across the U.K., many households are looking for ways to lower their heating bills. Your home’s energy efficiency weighs heavily on your energy bills, so increasing energy efficiency is essential to save money on heating bills.

Everything from your boiler to your central heating system and insulation can affect the amount of your monthly energy bill. Increasing the efficiency of your home’s energy sources, such as a boiler, can help you save money. 

If you’re paying high monthly energy bills, you should consider replacing your boiler. Installing a new boiler may seem expensive. However, in the long run, it can save you a considerable amount of money. This article will discuss how your boiler efficiency affects your energy bills and how ECO4 can help you get a new boiler.

Problems with Inefficient Boilers 

The average boiler lasts around 10 to 15 years, assuming it’s properly maintained and serviced regularly. Unfortunately, as the boiler ages, its efficiency decreases, meaning more effort and energy go into heating your home. So if your boiler is reaching that point, It might be time to consider getting a new one.

Here are some ways that an older boiler can cost you more on your energy bills and what you can do to resolve the problem.

Problem #1: Decreased Efficiency 

Consider how things you own work as they age. From your car to your refrigerator and everything in between, efficiency decreases with age.

Similarly, a boiler’s efficiency decreases with age. Efficiency is the percentage of the total energy the boiler uses to heat your home. While each manufacturer might design their boilers slightly differently, most boilers operate with 60% of the fuel being directed towards heating your home. 

There can be a visible variance in your energy bills from summer to winter, but more so when you are heating your home with an old boiler. Running hot water and heating your home can cause a steep increase in your energy bills during the winter months.

If your boiler is nearing the end of its manufacturer lifespan, it will use more fuel to heat your home, exceeding the 60% mark. The less efficient your boiler is, the more fuel burned off to generate heat, meaning higher energy bills. 

Solution: New Boiler with Higher Efficiency Rating

Consider what a new boiler would do for your home and energy bills. You will immediately lower your energy bills and burn off less fuel, meaning more power being converted directly into heat for your home. 

Pay attention to the efficiency rating in the manual of your current boiler and any new boiler you look at. This will be a good indicator of how your energy bills will be affected.

For example, suppose your current boiler is operating at only 60% efficiency. In that case, you’ll likely pay a higher monthly energy bill than you would with a new boiler operating at a 90% efficiency rating. The more energy-efficient the boiler, the more heat generated and the less energy it takes to get that heat going, thus, reducing your energy bill. 

Problem #2: Frequent Repairs and Missing Parts 

As your boiler ages, the probability of needing repairs increases. From malfunctions to broken parts and fuel problems, the age of a boiler determines your out-of-pocket cost for such repairs. 

For example, if your boiler is 13 years old, the manufacturer likely has a newer, more energy-efficient boiler available. As this happens, the manufacturer slowly phases out the parts for older model boilers. That means if your boiler ends up with a broken part, that part might not be available anymore. If that happens, then what’s next? 

Solution: A New Boiler with a Manufacturer’s Warranty 

A newer boiler means fewer maintenance repairs that will cost you out-of-pocket. While newer boilers need regular servicing and maintenance repairs here and there, this service will be much less expensive than an outdated model. 

Purchasing a new energy-efficient boiler means several things. 

  • Your boiler comes with a fresh manufacturer’s warranty if something does go wrong.
  • Your boiler will be more reliable. 
  • Newer boilers can be installed with more updated equipment (such as insulation) than older or less-efficient boilers. 

Problem #3: Outdated Technology 

A boiler relies on several factors when it comes to efficiency, including both water pressure and thermostat. 

The efficiency of your boiler is directly affected by the water pressure used. The lower the water pressure, the harder your boiler has to work to convert fuel. If your boiler uses less energy and adequate water pressure, you will pay for less fuel burn-off over time. 

Similarly, if your boiler’s paired thermostat is outdated, your home’s heating system will not operate efficiently.

Solution: Updated Thermostatic Controls 

New technologies are available on newer boilers that can help increase energy efficiency. One way is with a programmable thermostat.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set different temperatures for specific times. For example, when you’re home, your thermostat can be programmed to keep your home warmer. Then, if you’re at work and will be out of the house or overnight, you can program your thermostat to a lower temperature. 

There are also time-saving opportunities in installing an updated thermostat. For example, many modern boiler and thermostat systems come with phone app capabilities so you can adjust your home’s temperature from your smartphone, regardless of where you are. 

How ECO4 Scheme Can Help You Afford a New Boiler Today

In the U.K., the government has placed energy, conservation, and sustainability efforts in the hands of energy companies across the country in an effort to assist low-income and fuel-impoverished households. In doing so, qualifying households can apply for the ECO4 energy grant to help pay for or, in some cases, completely cover the cost of a new boiler, central heating system, or insulation. 

To qualify, you must have an EPC rating of E, F, or G and be on qualifying government assistance programs. More information on the eligibility requirements for an ECO4 grant can be found here.

Turn to Simply ECO, Ltd. For Your New, Energy-Efficient Boiler

Stop paying too much for your energy bills. To learn more about how a new, energy-efficient boiler can help you save money or to find out if you qualify for an ECO4 grant, turn to Simply ECO, Ltd.

Simply ECO Ltd. was established to assist people in fuel poverty to gain access to Carbon Saving and Energy Efficiency Measures. As a Green Deal Approved Installer  we can assist consumers in fuel poverty access government grants to carry out home energy efficiency improvements and carbon reduction measures.

With over 12,000+ boilers installed since 2014, we are the largest installer of boilers in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Contact us to get started on reducing your heating bills today.

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