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The Importance of a High EPC Rating Explained

EPC rating

If you are a landlord or property owner, considering how your property runs and the costs behind it are usually a high priority. From plumbing, electric and other costs, owning property comes with the expectation that you have utility and energy bills to pay.

As a homeowner, when you learn how to boost the efficiency of your property, you’re doing more than just lowering the cost of your bills. If you’re a homeowner or looking to buy property in the UK, chances are one of the first things you’ll hear involves an EPC rating.

With climate change being a hot topic and a consistent agenda item, maintaining energy efficiency in your home is a must. Having a poor EPC rating could be a bust as a homeowner, leaving any potential property plans up to chance.

Educating yourself on the importance of a high EPC rating should be one of the first steps you take when looking into purchasing a home or rental property.

What is an EPC Rating?

EPC stands for “Energy Performance Certificate.” This is a measure of your home or property’s overall energy efficiency.

An EPC rating can range anywhere from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the lowest rating your home can get. The higher the efficiency, the higher the rating, resulting in a lower cost to hea, and power the property.

If your home has a low EPC rating, you may be paying more for your energy bills than you could be, so improving your property’s EPC rating is essential.

EPC ratings are also a reflection of how your home affects the environment. With climate change at the forefront of both domestic and international conversations, lowering poisonous emissions into the atmosphere can start at home.

EPC ratings can measure the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. The lower the emission levels, the more eco-friendly your home is.

Why a High EPC Rating is Important 

An EPC rating holds much more importance than just how efficient your home is.

In the U.K., selling or leasing a home with an EPC rating lower than E is unlawful. Aside from that, it is less likely that you will be able to sell a home with a low EPC rating than it would be to sell a home with a high EPC rating. Homes that can run on lower energy costs are more appealing to the buyer and will sell much faster.

Benefits of a High EPC Rating

Improving the environment just by increasing your home’s energy efficiency is a win for everyone, but it can also be a win for your wallet. Consider the financial incentives behind maintaining a high EPC rating.

Cheaper Mortgage

Want a cheaper mortgage rate? Increase your home’s energy efficiency for a higher EPC rating. Properties with higher energy efficiency have a lower mortgage rate on average than those with lower energy efficiency, according to Bank Underground.

Lower Monthly Bills

As a homeowner, you have monthly bills for various utilities such as water, electricity, and gas. Looking for ways to budget and reduce your spending can be difficult, but consider how improving your home’s overall efficiency could improve your financial situation.

Aside from your lower monthly mortgage payment, you could also spend much less on heating and electricity each month with increased home efficiency. Improving how your home operates, from boiler maintenance to conserving energy where appropriate, can make a big difference in your monthly bills.

Property Value and Lifespan 

When you buy a home, you expect to be in that home for a long time in many cases. Likewise, as a landlord purchasing a property, you expect to retain ownership of that property as supplemental income for as long as possible.

Extending the properties lifespan and increasing property value through energy efficiency is simple. Capital value will increase with a higher EPC rating.

As far as extending the property lifespan, check for home repairs that affect how you heat your home, for example: 

  • Are there leaks in the roof or walls? 
  • How is the insulation
  • Are building fabric improvements needed?
  • Are the windows sealed well? 
  • Are the windows air and water tight?
  • Are building envelope improvements needed? 

Regular maintenance and repairs around your home can increase energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, and extend the life of your property as a whole.

Choose Simply ECO for Your Boiler Replacement and Maintenance Needs

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