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The Worcester Bosch Advantage: Why Worcester Bosch Boilers are Worth It 

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ECO4 is the fourth phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which is a government-created program with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and fuel poverty in the UK. One of the improvements that the ECO4 scheme covers is providing Boiler Replacement and First Time Central Heating Grants to qualifying households.

Households qualifying for a Boiler Replacement or First Time Central Heating Grant under ECO4 will not only save money on energy bills and improve the energy efficiency of their home, but they will also reduce their carbon footprint by utilising a more energy-efficient heating system. If you qualify, as part of your installation, you will receive a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 combi boiler.

With over 12,000 boilers installed in the past ten years of trading, we feel strongly that a new Worcester Bosch boiler is well worth the investment. This article will discuss six of the main reasons why Worcester Bosch is the only brand we trust.

#1. Perfect for Any Home

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a new boiler is space. It’s a simple fact that many people (especially those who rely on benefits to survive) don’t have the luxury of lots of extra space in their homes, and installing a large new piece of machinery can be difficult. 

The good news is that Worcester Bosch has worked hard to ensure that they offer boilers suited to any home or flat. Their compact boilers are designed to fit inside a cupboard, ensuring that any home can accommodate a Worcester Bosch boiler.

#2. Proven Reputation and Reliability

Worcester Bosch boilers have become a household name in the world of boilers, not the least because they have been named a “Which Best Buy” for seven years in a row. There are several reasons why the company is the market leader. However, the most important is, without a doubt, the durability and reliability of Worcester Bosch boilers.

In addition to being easy to install, as long as they are properly maintained and regularly serviced, a new Worcester Bosch boiler can easily last up to 15 years. When issues appear, they are easy to identify and fix.

#3. Easily the Best Guarantee on the Market

On some level, any machine designed for long-term use is only as good as the warranty that comes with the product. After all, even top-end products can break down or have issues, and proper protection is necessary for repair costs to maintain savings on an efficient boiler. 

Here’s another reason why Worcester Bosch boilers shine – they come with a ten-year guarantee covering the boiler itself and the branded filters and controls. To keep this incredible repair and maintenance offer going, you only need to ensure that your boiler is serviced regularly, generally once a year. With a guarantee like this, you can rest assured that a Worcester Bosch boiler is a sound financial investment. 

#4. Professional, Accredited Engineers 

Naturally enough, considering the excellent guarantee offered, Worcester Bosch has top engineers on staff and ready to service any of their boilers that may run into issues. These dedicated employees work exclusively on Worcester Bosch boilers and know these machines inside and out, providing only the best and most reliable service to quickly and efficiently solve problems.

This policy contrasts with many smaller boiler manufacturers, who will frequently rely on local agents or contractors to handle repair and warranty issues. While this means that customers are indeed covered by a warranty, one simply never knows the quality of a local engineer being sent to repair their boiler, which can make repairs much more stressful or result in a dicey experience. 

#5. Easily Accessible Parts

Another virtue of being a market leader and product common across many homes – replacement parts are easy to find! The originally British company of Worcester was acquired by a German company (hence the addition of “Bosch” to the name), and their boilers are now manufactured in Germany. However, the company maintains a UK-based manufacturing plant, which ensures that replacement and spare parts are always readily available.

This means that when repairs are needed on a Worcester Bosch boiler, the necessary replacement parts can be found quickly, cheaply, and easily, which is good news for anyone whose boiler has passed the ten-year guarantee. Keeping the machine working efficiently is relatively inexpensive, even after the warranty expires!

#6. Excellent Deals

At the end of the day, Worcester Bosch knows that its strong position at the front of the industry is only maintained by keeping happy and satisfying the needs of a large customer base. They know that the best way to keep customers loyal is to provide quality service and help protect their customer’s investments.

That’s why Worcester Bosch offers a variety of choices when it comes to purchasing and installing a new boiler, specifically offering excellent bundle deals that include their brand-name filters and controls. When customers decide to take advantage of this offer, all the boiler’s elements are protected under that ten-year warranty. Like the boiler itself, even though these name-brand parts will cost more upfront, they will easily save the customer money over the boiler’s lifetime. 

Contact Simply ECO to Learn if You Qualify for a Worcester Bosch Boiler Under the ECO4 Grant

Hopefully, this article has helped to explain why investing in a top-quality Worcester Bosch boiler is a smart move for anybody. At Simply ECO Ltd., we understand that our professional reputation is tied not only to the direct services we provide but also to the kinds of products that we use and recommend to our clients.

When we install a Worcester Bosch boiler, we can rest easy knowing that not only will we have an easy time installing and maintaining the product but also that our clients will be satisfied and taken care of. Contact us today to learn how to take advantage of an ECO4 government scheme to save money and install a new boiler in your home!

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