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Upgrade Your Home’s Efficiency: Get a Free A-Rated Boiler With ECO4

For UK households struggling with fuel poverty and lower incomes, the government has created the ECO4 scheme to help them replace their old, broken boiler with a free A-rated boiler. Most modern boilers are A-rated, meaning they are incredibly energy efficient, have the most advanced technology and can be even 100% efficient.

The good news is that households meeting specific criteria may qualify for a free A-rated boiler with the ECO4 scheme. Even if your old boiler is still working, it is essential to know that it is inefficient and consumes much energy, so you spend more than necessary on your household bills and have a larger carbon footprint.

Whether you qualify for the free boiler grant or not, it is great to understand why it is crucial to upgrade your old boiler as soon as possible. Below, we will discuss the qualifications for getting a free A-rated boiler with the ECO4 and the many benefits of upgrading your old boiler to a new, modern, energy-efficient A-rated boiler.

What Is an A-Rated Boiler?

Do you know the EPC rating on your home? You may be wondering why it is even vital. The Energy Performance Certificate or EPC rating shows the following:

  • The energy-saving features in your home
  • The amount of energy your home uses
  • The amount of carbon dioxide your home emits
  • How much money you could save by making improvements to your home
  • How you can improve your EPC rating

As you can see, your EPC rating will benefit you and our planet by reducing your carbon footprint. The EPC rating ranges from A, which is very energy efficient, to G, which is not.

ErP, which stands for Energy-related Products, measures how energy-efficient a boiler is when providing heat for a home. ErP Rates appliances from G to A and A+++ for specific types, with A+++ being the highest rating available.

A-rated boilers have an efficiency of 90% or more. If you have an older boiler, it is essential to know that it usually has an efficiency as low as 60- 70% and is very costly to run and maintain. You may save hundreds of pounds by upgrading your old boiler to a new A-rated efficient boiler.

You may have also seen the acronym SEDBUK, which stands for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK. SEDBUK is used to show how much fuel your boiler needs to do its job.

This method also uses ratings from A, which is the most efficient, to G, which is the least efficient. You may see percentages included to indicate efficiency levels. Most everyone loves to save money, and for those struggling on a low income or with fuel poverty, having an energy-efficient boiler can help you save even more.

Benefits of an A-Rated Boiler

We have established that one of the significant benefits of getting a new free A-rated boiler with the ECO4 scheme is to save money. However, there are other great reasons why it is beneficial for you to upgrade to an A-rated boiler, including the following:

  • When you replace an outdated or broken boiler with a new, modern A-rated boiler, you will reduce your carbon footprint and household carbon emissions because it will take significantly less energy to heat your home. This will greatly benefit our planet and future generations.
  • Households with lower incomes and facing fuel poverty will notice a considerable improvement in their quality of life. You can keep your home feeling comfortable and warm at an affordable cost.
  • Modern boilers are generally smaller than outdated boilers, which can also help free up space in your home.
  • The EPC rating of your home will improve, which can also increase the value of your property and home.

Qualifications for Getting an A-Rated Boiler With ECO4 in 2024

You must meet specific eligibility requirements for a free A-rated broiler grant with the EC04 scheme. The ECO4 scheme focuses on improving low-income and vulnerable households’ living situations and energy efficiency. In general, the households that qualify are those receiving certain benefits such as:

  • Universal Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • Income Support
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax credit
  • Department of Work and Pension benefits, even if they don’t receive the Universal Credit
  • Pension Credit Saving Credit
  • Pension Credit Guarantee
  • Housing Benefits
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

The ECO4 scheme focuses on owner-occupied homes; however, those renting a house or in social housing who struggle with fuel poverty and receive landlord approval may also be eligible.

Other requirements include:

  • Your home must have an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC rating of D, E, F or G for homeowners
  • If you are a private renter, then your home must have an EPC rating of E, F or G
  • For those living in social housing, your home must have an EPC rating of D 

You can check your EPC rating here if you live in Scotland or here if you live in England or Wales. Installing a free A-rated boiler with an ECO4 free boiler grant will also improve your home’s EPC rating and increase your property’s overall value.

Check to See if You Qualify for a Free A-Rated Boiler With ECO4 Today!

Those living in the UK who match the criteria can apply for the ECO4 scheme; however, it must be done through an energy supplier. Everyone deserves to be comfortable and warm in their home, whether you are a homeowner, tenant, or landlord who wants to improve its energy efficiency.

Simply ECO Ltd. is a Green Deal Approved Installer and Gas Safe Registered. We provide excellent customer service and offer cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, floor insulation, loft and rafter insulation, boiler replacements and first-time central heating, boiler-compliant or smart heating controls, ventilation systems, electric systems, storage heaters and controls, and more.

Contact us to apply for the ECO scheme and discuss your options, or you can also go to our website and fill out the ECO funding application.

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