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Will Having a New Boiler Save You Money?

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The average boiler lasts around 15 years if it’s properly maintained and serviced annually. However, after those 15 years, its efficiency will decrease and it will take more and more effort from the appliance to heat your home. Replacing a boiler may seem like quite a bit to pay upfront, but as you will read below, the benefits of replacement far outweigh dealing with an old and inefficient boiler. 

Upwards of 60% of energy costs are spent on heating alone and with your boiler being one of the biggest energy users in your home, saving on your energy bills is more important than ever. This article will go over how a new boiler can save you money and break down all the information you will need to know about future energy savings.

How a New Boiler Saves You Money

Limits Repair Costs

Old and inefficient boilers will end up costing you extra money daily. They waste energy whilst providing less heat and will cost even more if you need to repair them repeatedly instead of replacing this for a new one. A new boiler will benefit from increased technical development, efficiency and reduce heating costs in contrast to an older, inefficient boiler. 

Warranty Benefits

Your new boiler will come with the added benefit of a manufacturer’s warranty. Although specific cover differs based on the manufacturer, most warranties will cover any issues you may experience with your boiler for several years.

The warranty typically includes cover for parts, labour. If you are offered an extra warranty, it may be advisable to accept as an extra warranty could save you hundreds of pounds in the future. 

Save on Energy Consumption

A new boiler can potentially save you a significant amount of money through energy savings due to its increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption. 

If you spread the new boilers cost over ten years, you’ll see it’s absolutely worth the cost. And, if you are from a lower-income household and believe that a new boiler is out of reach, that’s not the case. You may qualify for a boiler replacement grant.

Boiler Replacement Grants

In the UK, The Boiler Replacement Grant was launched in 2013 in an effort to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and help low-income households improve their home’s energy efficiency. This grant is available to eligible households to help them pay for a new boiler replacement.

Eligibility for this grant requires you to live in a privately owned or rented property and has to have an EPC rating of E, F, or G. If approved, the person or family could be eligible to receive government assistance to pay around 60-70% of the cost of a replacement boiler.

What is Boiler Efficiency?

A boiler can save or take up a good percentage of your monthly energy bill. Looking at the boiler’s efficiency is an excellent way to know how much money you may save every month. Your boilers energy efficiency is based on the percentage of energy it uses to provide heating. 

Boilers, like other appliances, are given efficiency ratings of A-G. Modern boilers have to be A-rated and display energy efficiency infographic in their literature. However, it can be hard to determine the efficiency rating of older boilers because the ratings are retrospectively applied.

These ratings are as follows:

  • A rating = 90% and above
  • B rating = 86-90%
  • C rating = 82-86%
  • D rating- 78-82%
  • E rating – 74-78%
  • F rating – 70-74%
  • G rating – below 70%

Energy Efficient Boiler Options

There are a few different types of boilers on the market, and each have their own specs and energy efficiency perks. Let’s look at and compare the different types.

Combi, or Combination Boilers: These heat water on demand, making them incredibly cost-effective and energy efficient. The downside is that they don’t have a hot water storage cylinder, making them less effective for larger properties and families. 

Conventional Boilers: These are the most common type of boiler and are connected to a water tank, which allows for more hot water storage. That makes conventional boilers a great choice for bigger families or homes that need a good amount of hot water at one time.  

System Boilers: These boilers are somewhere between a combination and a conventional boiler, as they offer efficient and a good amount of water supply.

Need a New Boiler? Simply Eco Ltd is Here to Help

Simply ECO Ltd. is your resource in and around the Midlands to help you with all your boiler needs. We are Green Deal Approved Installers, are Gas Safe registered, and PAS2030 Accredited to install boiler replacements, under floor insulation, and loft Insulation. In addition, we can help you access government grants through the ECO program to make your home more energy efficient and implement carbon reduction measures.

Contact us today to arrange an appointment, talk to our experienced staff or go on our website to apply to see if you qualify for a boiler replacement grant!

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